Why Marc Bresky?

Because Marc is passionate about his work and committed excellence. He is a focused independent thinker. He built an enduring practice by word of mouth. He runs an efficient office that is financially prudent, keeps client costs low and ensuring logical, practical, informed and efficient results. Marc brings together an expansive array of legal services and he delivers comprehensive solutions.

Matrimonial & Family Law

The Firm counsel individuals and couples in all legal aspects of marriage, from planning and negotiating prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, to separation agreements and divorce proceedings. In each case, the goal is to achieve the best, most expeditious result for our client through negotiations and, when necessary, in court. Marc and his attorneys guide  clients through the mediation process.

The Firm knows the nuances of great family law representation — sensitivity, setting a clear path to achieve our client’s goals by strong guidance, zealous advocacy and common sense. Marc helps his clients navigate the emotional trauma and financial stressors that divorce can bring — especially when children are involved. Marc prides himself on guiding clients often without expensive or protracted litigation. The firm operates with the utmost of discretion, and apply excellence to the myriad of financial matters that are inherent in the divorce process. Marc ensures that his clients understand the financial implications of such life changes and he helps them plan for their future — and protect their children.

The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in all facets of family law, including:

  • Prenuptial, postnuptial, and separation agreements
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Support and maintenance
  • Custody and access rights
  • Valuation and equitable distribution of property
  • Paternity
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders
  • multi-state and international issues
  • mediation
  • appeals
  • enforcement proceedings

The Firm’s goal is to achieve the maximum and best results in the most cost-effective manner. We avoid acrimony and we bring down stress. We resolve matters with minimal conflict through negotiated settlements, and through alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation.