Attorney Marc S. Bresky

Marc S. Bresky’s training and expertise comes from a diverse general litigation practice, and the enduring success of his his firm is a reflection of his commitment to going above and beyond and providing the highest value, highest quality work on time and with attention to detail. Marc concentrates his practice in commercial litigation, business disputes and litigation, real estate, litigation and cooperative and condominium law. He represents a variety of business owners and investors who are expanding their holdings or dissolving their partnerships. Marc’s real estate practice is particularly robust. He has a diverse cooperative and condominium client population whom he represents in arrears litigation, shareholder controversies, commercial and residential nonpayment actions, foreclosure suits, vendor claims, board election disputes and closings wherein his office represents the co-op or condominium, and often times individual shareholders or groups of shareholders. He also counsels clients on corporate and governance issues and negotiates their commercial leases and management contracts.

Marc’s practice has grown and his firm’s expertise and reach has expanded accordingly. The key to his success is in ensuring that he and his attorneys are fully engaged in their work–enjoy the area of work and the intellectual challenges that every client brings to the table. Responding to referrals and client inquiry, Marc expanded his firm and his already robust skillset by bringing additional lawyers in house. The Bresky Law Firm, PLLC. now provides additional services and expertise by bringing seasoned attorneys into his offices with extensive knowledge and expertise in matrimonial and family law, business general counsel, and business divorce, succession planning, insurance litigation.